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  • Our free Integrative Health Clinic will be held this Saturday, February 10, starting at 10 am, at St. Simon/St. Jude Episcopal Church, 1110 Kinley Road, Irmo. To schedule an appointment, call Pam Lorentz at 803-749-1576 or email her at  It's not a one-shot offer.  If you've been to the clinic before and it eased a need of yours, you may always come again. […]
  • Folks, this Saturday at 10:30 is our regular workday at the Orchard.  We will be mostly weeding and getting beds ready for spring planting.  If you have cardboard cartons to spare, we can use those for weed suppression.In addition, at least one person (me) is bringing a few boxes of books that can no longer be accommodated on my bookshelves.  A partial set of Ruth Galloway mysteries, a partial set of […]
  • Folks, Nate Hagens is high on the list of people I trust to explain what is happening on planet Earth – what many commentators are calling "The Human Predicament."  (To clarify, a problem is a situation to which there is a solution; a predicament is a situation to which there are no solutions, only responses.)  On his podcast, Nate interviews experts in energy, ecology, government, technology, and economics; his mission is […]
  • A reminder that if you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Rosewood Community Orchard before the end of the year, here is the link to do that.  And THANK YOU to everyone who has donated already!"…we're all acrobats held up by someone." Tim Conroy from No True Route
  • "To reach a regenerative culture we need to decolonise time.  Moving out of purely linear temporal calendar models, integrating lunar and solar cycles, is necessary to align with Earth's cycles.  Choosing to use cyclical calendars is part of the  decolonisation process."  Sara Jolena WolcottJoin us on Thursday, December 21, to observe Winter Solstice.  We pause at the turning of the year to ask – what are we letting go of, and […]

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