Columbia Resilience


Welcome to Columbia Resilience, part of the world-wide Transition movement. The Transition world view says that we are most secure when we are most resilient, and we are most resilient when our local communities are strong, with interconnecting webs of cooperation and good will.

Right now our world is facing a situation called overshoot.  We humans are not exempt from the laws of nature and we are burning through more resources on an annual basis than the planet can provide.  However, the Transition message is that since our big brains used a lot of creativity and ingenuity to get us to this point, we can also use those same brains to back away from overshoot and create a sustainable world.

The cornerstone of the Transition vision is Relocalization –  producing what we need to thrive as close as possible to where we live.  Another way of looking at relocalization is through the concept of Degrowth – a phase of planned and equitable economic contraction by the richest nations, eventually reaching a steady state that can operate within the Earth’s biophysical limits.  Our job is to help lay the foundations of a new system for the next 500 years, a system not based upon globalization, continued resource extraction, and infinite growth but rather, as economic anthropologist Jason Hickel says, upon reciprocity and regeneration.

Columbia Resilience has been around since 2011.  We are a 501c3 Nonprofit supporting projects in our region that fit the Transition Vision.  Our current projects are: Rosewood Public Orchard, The Mobile Integrative Health Clinic, and the Giver’s Exchange (First Time Bank of Columbia).

Deep in the Orchards

Check out our Our Featured Project: The Rosewood Public Orchard!