Columbia Resilience

Columbia Resilience — A Response!

The Problems we know!

The 3000-mile Caesar salad, with romaine lettuce shipped from California, does not make sense in a world with shrinking resources.  Neither does eating peaches and raspberries from Chile in the dead of our winter.  As any military strategist will attest, long supply lines are bad.

The answers are all around us.

We need a way of life that can be sustained for generations to come. The key concept is Relocalization – communities providing our own food, housing, transportation, education, sustainable energy, arts and recreation, and doing it together.  Through this work we honor our elders who remember what a lower energy life is like. We honor our youth by giving them a vision with skills and practical tools to create satisfying and meaningful lives. We honor ourselves by awakening the creativity within each of us to a purpose worthy of our time and energy. Together we create lives that are fulfilling, socially connected, and resilient.

The international movement of Transition Town carries a vision that every community has engaged its collective creativity to unleash an extraordinary and historic transition to a future beyond fossil fuels, a future that is vibrant, abundant, and resilient, one that is ultimately preferable to the present. Columbia Resilience shares this vision on a scale applicable to our Region and we welcome all the creative hearts and minds that are already working to create this vision.