Columbia Resilience

Update on the Trauma Clinic

Our free trauma clinic is part of the Integrative Health Project, sponsored by the Community Health Working Group.  The clinic provides  alternative health care such as cranial-sacral therapy, energy balance, reiki, and acupuncture, as well as group activities and a meal for everyone. Participants find us through Facebook, through referrals from Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands, through outreach and advertising, and by word of mouth from those who have already attended a session.  The clinic is held on the fourth Monday of each month at St. Mark United Methodist Church, Lyle Street, Columbia, and is open to both women and men.   Our clinic protocol is based on the work being done for veterans through the Vet Triip organization.

On May 2, we raised $1582 for the clinic through the online giving event known as Midlands Gives, sponsored by the Central Carolina Community Foundation.  Many thanks to everyone who donated!  Our current plans include starting to do mobile outreach, so check out our Facebook page ,  Integrative Health Project – Columbia Resilience, for more details.  To inquire about attending a session at the clinic, please email the clinic director at